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Happy Stories

As our numerous success stories prove, marriages are really made at Saptaphere Matrimony.

Pravin - Shraddha

16 May, 2024


Sonal - Prasad

10 May, 2024


Kapil - Rudrakshi

10 May, 2024

SAPTA8919080 - SAPTA1254140

Shivshankar - sakshi

5 May, 2024

SAPTA0700832 - SAPTA8122696

Kiran - Vaishnavi

5 May, 2024


Chaitanya - Gaurav

2 May, 2024

SAPTA0170003 - SAPTA9001324

Swati - Amol

2 May, 2024


Rahul - Prachi

1 May, 2024

SAPTA3459426 - SAPTA1328741

Dr.Sourbh - Dr.Dhanashree

1 May, 2024

SAPTA7241472 - SAPTA3588937

Omkar - Pranita

28 Apr, 2024


Shivkumar - Arundhati

25 Apr, 2024

SAPTA5969297 - SAPTA8102840 (2)

Sunil - Jyoti

22 Apr, 2024

SAPTA5358145 - SAPTA3480961

Amol - Yogini

21 Apr, 2024

SAPTA8899552 - SAPTA2026439

Gajanan & Archana

5 Apr, 2024

SAPTA0382026 - SAPTA9191789

Pratik & Mahima

4 Apr, 2024

SAPTA7349052 - SAPTA1866868

Rushikesh - Dr.Ashwini

30 Mar, 2024

SAPTA17855611 - SAPTA5152476 3

Dr.Bhujang - Dr.Supriya

17 Mar, 2024

I have found my life partner on Saptaphere Matrimony Platform, thank You Saptaphere Matrimony Team. SAPTA5529337 - SAPTA0390838

Pratik - Dr.Sayali

17 Mar, 2024

Thank you Saptaphere matrimony, I found my match...

Amol - Diksha

17 Mar, 2024

I found my match on Saptaphere website... Thanks alot to Saptaphere Matrimony team... SAPTA74844505 - SAPTA2245491

Vishal - Kanchan

17 Mar, 2024

Found my match on Saptaphere matrimony App SAPT09093 - SAPTA5064748

Dr.Vikas - Dr.Sneha

17 Mar, 2024

SAPTA7078586 - SAPTA3784340

Rushikesh & Dr.Ashwini

18 Feb, 2024

We met on Thanks for helping me find my soulmate. " Team congratulates Rushikesh & Dr.Ashwini - SAPTA17855611 & SAPTA5152476. We wish you both a happy future."

Sumit & Dr.Shubhada

15 Feb, 2024

Thank you, I found my soulmate from the site. SAPTA31522428 - SAPTA9274359

Krishnaji & Damini

1 Feb, 2024

Hi I really appreciate Saptaphere Matrimony for finding my life partner within two months n I am really very happy about it.... "Saptaphere Matrimony Team congratulates Krishnaji & Damini - SAPTA4777028 & SAPTA7586808 . We wish you both a happy future."

Ruchali - Shreyas

30 Jan, 2024

SAPTA8914789 - SAPTA0674707

Prasad & Aarati

30 Dec, 2023

we would like to thank for making us find real soulmate rather than maza life partner

Pruthviraj & Aarti

23 Dec, 2023

Thanks to in helping me finding my soulmate. SAPTA9694250 - SAPTA4815435

Shailesh & Ashwini

22 Dec, 2023

Thanks to Saptaphere Matrimony for great help to find perfect life partner. Thanks once again. SAPTA1155170 - SAPTA2068551

Nikhil & Dr.Nivedita

21 Dec, 2023

finally met my life partner on Saptaphere Matrimony only. thanks to you all team. Wish you too many success story like us SAPTA1407758 - SAPTA6608050

Omkar & Sonal

19 Dec, 2023

Thank You Saptaphere Matrimony team for providing great services. SAPTA34467857 & SAPTA6734162

Raj & Pallavi

10 Dec, 2023 was the platform for our marriage. We appreciate the website management and the customer support.. SAPTA5604116 - SAPTA7055249

Deepak & Ishwari (Ashwini)

8 Dec, 2023

Thank you for the excellent service and support... SAPTA4028495 & SAPTA8994409

Vishal & Kanchan

1 Dec, 2023

thanks for ur service i m happily married SAPTA0962752 - SAPTA5198864

Prachi - Mandar

25 Nov, 2023

Found perfect match. Thank you team Saptaphere Matrimony

Chetan - Prajakta

21 Nov, 2023

I got my life partner on Saptaphere Matrimony app and get happy life and big thanks to Saptaphere team SAPTA6811523 - SAPTA2680223

Dr.Shashank & Dr.Shivani

21 Nov, 2023

We thanks Saptaphere Matrimony for giving us the pleasure for which we were looking out for our whole life. We met each other first time through your site and felt we knew each other forever. SAPT08894 - SAPTA4916236

Dr.Ashwini - Pratik

19 Nov, 2023

“I am very thankful to the Saptaphere Matrimony team for such a kind support and finding the best life partner for me. I started my services in May for six months. My relationship manager was able to provide me good profiles and arranged meeting with my Husband’s family. Within a few meetings our marriage was finalised. I am very satisfied with the services I chose.... SAPTA2061873 - SAPTA3818685

Ajit - Rutuja

8 Nov, 2023

I am very happy to share my success story at I found my life partner at this platform. Team provided the best matrimonial platform.. SAPTA1898839 - SAPTA1997547

Hrishikesh & Dhanashri

5 Nov, 2023

Thanks saptaphere, My sister got married. This is a perfect example of using internet for our life changing activities for good. For parents and siblings also this is a great medium to find right people.Thanks once again saptaphere matrimony. SAPTA8315973 - SAPTA4445595

Dr.Ajinkya & Dr.Prdnya

6 Sep, 2023 site is very helpful and i found my soulmate from this site. Thanks to Saptaphere Matrimony team.. SAPTA1493869 & SAPTA3167540

Vivekprasad & Shradha

17 Aug, 2023

Found a wonderful soulmate on Saptaphere Matrimony app thanks.. SAPTA5117048 & SAPTA7689154

Nilesh & Shital

2 Aug, 2023

Thank you for helping me in finding the right life partner.. SAPTA2708115 & SAPTA4616758

Ravi & Ruhi

10 Jul, 2023

Hi Saptaphere matrimony Team, I am really glad to mention that I have successfully found my life partner from saptaphere app. Best Regards, Ravi. SAPTA3366391-SAPTA1328619

Utkarsha & Adwait

10 Jul, 2023

We met on site,and we got matched. We accepted each others interests then we met after a week, and we talked about each other and families. Our families are so happy about us. The marriage is fixed but date not yet fixed. I am so happy with her, she is so understanding, pretty and adorable. I found my girl. SAPTA3146360 & SAPTA5507111

Dr.Dhanashri & Pranav

4 Jul, 2023

We are very happy.... feel like made for each other. Thank you very much Saptaphere matrimony Team. SAPTA1394801 & SAPTA7822863

Dr.Kiran & Dr.Shivlila

29 Jun, 2023

I got match from and on 29th Jun 2023 we got married. I feel so bless and thank you Saptaphere matrimony for getting me a wonderful life partner. SAPTA1210711 & SAPT02205

Sujit & Pallavi

29 Jun, 2023

We met through Saptaphere and it worked for both the family and we get married. It was really good experience with saptaphere Matrimony App. SAPTA7747196 & SAPTA8736992

Dr.Rajshri & Dr.Sandesh

28 Jun, 2023

I am very happy with my loving and careing husband thank you so much Saptaphere matrimony Team. SAPTA8905710 & SAPTA6309354

Shivaji & Shraddha

27 Jun, 2023

Arrange marriage, Thanks to, we found each other as life partner which we had dreamed for. SAPTA8788151 & SAPTA1285044

Viraj & Anuja

25 Jun, 2023

Initially we were scared by the fact that families are unknown , but thanks to Saptaphere App- they have maintained the transparency so both the families can easily communicate and grow bonding. SAPTA72089970 & SAPTA7125680

Yogesh & Shraddha

23 Jun, 2023

Beautiful, Thank you very much Saptaphere Team, who guided me time to time regarding the best way to find my partner. SAPTA1198752 & SAPTA2138332

Dr.Jaideep & Dr.Harshala

22 Jun, 2023

I got my other half, She is perfect in every aspect .. Cute, adorable, intelligent, family oriented.. She is just awesome.. Thanks to Saptaphere matrimony Team SAPTA5582150 & SAPTA0710154

Sachin & Anjali

20 Jun, 2023

Thank you very much Saptaphere matrimony Team, who guided me time to time regarding the best way to find my partner. SAPTA2604492 & SAPTA2417292

Atul & Apurva

15 Jun, 2023

We met on Saptaphere matrimony app and felt instant connection in between us. He is caring and sweet person and all that I desire in my partner. Very very blessed to get him as my life partner. Thanks to Saptaphere matrimony team to provide platform for us to get matched. SAPTA5729869 & SAPTA5266443

Dr.Nikita & Dr.Sagar

14 Jun, 2023

We are happy, Thanks to Saptaphere Matrimony App. SAPTA6356646 & SAPTA1708213

Arjun & Sanjeevani

5 Jun, 2023

Her mom sent me the request and then cancelled by mistake. But when I checked her profile , instantly I was in awe of this profile. She is my better half in everything. We have so much in common. In terms of likes and dislikes we are same.. Sometimes we wonder we got seperated in some fair in our childhood. We resonates on every situations. We are made for each other for sure. I met her and it was a instant connection. Madhav from Saptaphere Matrimony was my spoc person. He was too supportive through my entire journey.

Shubham & Aditi

5 Jun, 2023

We met in the month of April through Saptaphere Matrimony. Our families met later in April when we visited his home place. We got engaged in the month of May and the decision of marriage was taken so quickly that we finally got married in may on 28th. Thank you Saptaphere!

Swati & Kapil

2 Jun, 2023

Thanks to Saptaphere matrimony in helping me getting my life partner. SAPTA2068949 & SAPTA1630670

Kishor & Dr.Ashlesha

1 Jun, 2023

We met onSaptaphere matrimony. We talk and found a best match here... We are happily married now... SAPTA8864169 & SAPTA0789246

Dr.Prashant & Dr.Shradha

31 May, 2023

Shradha's mother called my mother through Saptaphere Matrimony app then our family talked and we also talked and we suddenly clicked and i know that this is the one and our family also liked each other. Thank you Saptaphere Matrimony Team SAPTA1935097 & SAPTA7250023

Dr.Tushar & Dr.Swati

25 May, 2023

Saptaphere matrimony thanx to u n ur website for making me meet the love of my life and the perfect match for me. SAPTA0009111 - SAPTA4957384

Santosh & Shravani

24 May, 2023

It was a good experience. Fruitful result, Thank you very much Saptaphere Matrimony Team. SAPTA2996348 & SAPTA9180636

Pramod & Vaishnavi

15 May, 2023

We met on on 15th April, Vaishnavi's father came to our house on 27th Feb and he liked our homely nature, we got engaged on 28th April and we are getting married today i.e. 15th may 2023. Many thanks to Saptaphere Matrimony Team for the new beginning of Vaishnavi and my life.

Akshy & Mayuri

15 May, 2023

We met around mid of February 2023. I was looking someone who is genuinely looking for marriage not someone who’s just here to explore. So I saw Akshy’s profile and instantly sent out a request. It started with a formal Hi Hello and the conversation kickstand. The way he responded with genuineness and openness I felt relieved. we started our conversation, day by day we started knowing more and more about each other and I felt that connect I have with him is I don’t have with anyone else. Soon I realized whatever I was looking for in a life partner, he tend to have those things. We have a lot in common especially the way we think the way we approach a situation the way we respect others, I found a perfect life partner . Thanks Saptaphere Matrimony Team to make it happen .

Shivkumar & Shrutika

14 May, 2023

We matched on Saptaphere Matrimony App. We chat for a day or two and then exchanged numbers. Since then we never stopped talking. Fair enough to say I found my soul mate. Thanks Saptaphere Matrimony Team

Shankar & Pooja

15 Apr, 2023

I got my partner from Really it's a nice platform to meet with your special one. Really i appreciate everyone to join this platform Thanks Saptaphere Matrimony Team SAPTA7921923 & SAPTA2590539

Dr.Jayraj & Dr.Amruta

10 Apr, 2023

Thanks to through which I met my life partner. SAPTA1857524 & SAPTA1107220

Jayant & Varsha

23 Mar, 2023

We met through Saptaphere Matrimony App it was a wonderful experience thank you. SAPTA2587012 & SAPTA5780928

Abhishek & Dr.Mangal

30 Dec, 2022

Thanks which helped us in finding the right match. SAPTA3429003 - SAPTA6781679

Amit & Aditi

28 Dec, 2022

Thank you very much saptaphere Matrimony Team, who guided me time to time regarding the best way to find my partner. SAPTA0070214 - SAPTA3061456

Ishwar & Shraddha

24 Dec, 2022

We met on Saptaphere Matrimony, met a few times and found the perfect match. Thank you Saptaphere Matrimony Team SAPTA6983277 - SAPTA4762423

Siddhant & Neha

21 Dec, 2022

We guys are from the same city. THANK YOU Saptaphere Matrimony Team. SAPTA9869254 - SAPTA9449306 1

Madhav & Bhagyashree

12 Nov, 2022

I got perfect partner in my life ☺️Thanks to Saptaphere matrimony SAPTA1575158 - SAPTA6876799

Pavan & Priyanka

4 Nov, 2022

Very Helpful platform. Thanks to SAPTA6011655 - SAPT08264

Sagar & Nikita

21 Oct, 2022

Just Got Lucky, thanksssss to Saptaphere Matrimony Team SAPTA2547236 - SAPTA8400216

Dr.Akhilesh & Dr.Mahadevi

9 Sep, 2022

Thanks to through which I met my life partner. SAPT09149 - SAPTA4823883

Dr.Abhijeet & Dr.Akshta

26 Aug, 2022

Thank you Saptaphere Matrimony for helping me find my partner. SAPTA7947598 - SAPTA3864495

Vishal & Sandhya

18 Aug, 2022

I found my soul-mate through Thank you very much Saptaphere Matrimony Team. SAPTA8614144 - SAPTA7980770

Kushal & Priyanka

27 May, 2022

Amazing!!! we found each other as life partner which we had dreamed for.Thanks to Saptaphere Matrimony SAPTA5134344 - SAPTA8596108

Dr.Ashish & Dr.Supriya

25 May, 2022

I got my life partner through Saptaphere Matrimony SAPTA2529374 - SAPTA7182680

Rushikesh & Meghana

25 May, 2022

Thanks to & Saptaphere matrimony Team because of which I found my soulmate. We both are so compatible that we feel like we both are made for each other only. SAPTA4953028 - SAPTA4131632

Prshnat & Pranali

28 Apr, 2022

Many thanks to for finding me the love of my life. SAPTA9401560 - SAPT09150

Ajay & Shital

25 Apr, 2022

Thank you Saptaphere Matrimony for helping me find my partner. SAPTA6539746 - SAPTA8370367

Sujit & Priyanka

20 Apr, 2022

I found a partner for my daughter through your Saptaphere Matrimony.Thanks a lot for making this happen. SAPTA1117637 - SAPTA6957032

Sagar & Ahilaya

10 Feb, 2022

Their marriage gathered through us. Saptaphere Matrimony SAPT08634 & SAPTA4445004

Vithhal & Pratiksha

9 Jan, 2022

We found each other at to saptaphere Matrimony Team. SAPTA1175151 & SAPT08941

Nilesh & Aishwarya

21 Nov, 2021

We found each other through and are getting married Thank you saptaphere Matrimony. SAPTA6835012 & SAPT08914

Sudarshan & Sushama

15 Jul, 2021

I got my soulmate on it was a great platform to search your life partner Thanks to Saptaphere Matrimony.

Vikas & Ashwini

15 Jun, 2021

I found my soulmate. It's a great platform to find genuine person. Thank you Saptaphere Matrimony to make a difference in our life.

Rupesh & Mahananda

15 May, 2021

I found my soul-mate through


22 Sep, 2020

Thanks to through which I met my life partner.

Anil & Aarti

10 May, 2020

Thanks.. I found my soul-mate through Saptaphere Matrimony Thank you very much Saptaphere Team.

Nilkanth & vaishnavi

25 Jul, 2019

I am glad with Saptaphere matrrimony amazing customer satisfaction, keep it up. All the best and thanks for helping me finding my partner. Regards Nilkanth Kalpe

Sanjivani & Veer

20 Jul, 2019

Thank you so much to Saptaphere matrimony to found my soul mate, i am surely recommend Saptaphere matrimony to my friends and family. Thanks a Lot.

Balaji & Pragati

5 May, 2019

I found my wife, thanks to I just advice be calm and wait for that perfect one. She is out there!

Vishal & Pallavi

31 Mar, 2019

I found my soulmate in . Thanks Saptaphere Matrimony for giving this beautiful gift.

Babnna & Pooja

15 Jun, 2018

I found my soulmate through and we got married one year ago, thank you saptaphere Matrimony.

Siddheshwar & Ankita

26 Apr, 2018

Thanks to through which I met my life partner.

Rupesh & Shrdha

22 Feb, 2018

I found my soulmate on it is one of the best platforms to find your life partner. A special thanks from me to Saptaphere Matrimony for helping me find the best girl in the world.

Vinod & Nikita

12 May, 2017

I have found the exact match for me which I was looking for. Thank you for helping me meet my soulmate. Lots of Love and Best Wishes to the entire team of

Prashant & Priyanka

10 Mar, 2017

Many thanks to for finding me the love of my life.

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